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The aim of our project is to create a thriving environment for our native creatures.  To achieve this it is necessary to remove as many pests as possible from  the bush.    

OlCT prefer not to use toxins except when absolutely necessary & have a reputation for trying new technology and ideas.  We are open to scientific & educated suggestions.

OLCT is an active on the ground organisation.

We maintain a substantial network of automatic gas operated rat & stoat traps known as Goodnature A24s, they are toxin free.   A24s require re-baiting and re-gassing 6 monthly, a large and expensive job.

Constant maintenance of access lines to the trap network is required, the bush grows quickly!  This is an ongoing labour intensive volunteer operation.  

OLCT liaises with pest control professionals, contracting them to do possum control when required.  

As well as on the ground work there is much administration to do.  Sourcing and applying for funding, organising volunteer work days, keeping records & liaising with land administration agencies such as DOC, ES and ICC.

There is always plenty to do!

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