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We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. Have an idea that’s not listed below? Reach out and let us know.


We welcome donations no matter how big or small.  They can be paid directly into the OLCT bank account:

03 1355 0796719 00


Every little bit helps!



We need financial supporters to keep our project running.  Large or small,  every dollar helps.  If you would like to be an ongoing sponsor please get in touch.  Sponsorship can be anonymous or we can acknowledge your support in a variety of ways. 


We welcome new volunteers.  We need help on work days maintaining our tracks, on bait changing days, administration, photography, work experience, monitoring & fundraising.  You don't have to get in the bush to help us, you may well have other skills to offer such as social media skills, extra tracking tunnel monitoring and monitoring Chirp.


Every little bit counts!  

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