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We do it with volunteers.


We have installed a network of 570 toxin free, gas operated, automatic resetting rat & stoat traps (A24s), also effective on hedgehogs & mice.  These traps were developed and are produced by a New Zealand Company, Goodnature. 

 Once every two years Environment Southland (ES) employs a professional pest control contractor to carry out a Residual Trap Count (RTC).  The results of the RTC determine when a possum control operation is required.  

When this arises OLCT in the past has employed a pest control contractor to distribute poison using our permanent network of 500 bait stations.  We have changed our control method to leg-hold trapping this is carried out by some of our volunteers.  In the first three months of 2022, we successfully trapped both reserves, taking out 400 possums.  This operation took 700 man-hours.

Re-invasion by possums from surrounding farm, scrub, and bush is an ongoing problem!


 We have a variety of traps that we deploy at various times and places around the reserves as needed.  

There is no single answer.  There is no single effective trap or method that deals with every pest of any type.  We use a variety of traps and change bait flavours from time to time.  Our A24 network is the backbone of our operation.

All traps used by OLCT are certified as humane and approved by DOC.

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