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Goodnature A24s are gas powered, automatically resetting traps.  They can kill rats, mice, mustelids and hedgehogs, all targeted pests.  Each gas cylinder is good for at least 24 shots.

Our 570 A24s are installed on a grid system as specified by the manufacturer.  The grid consists of lines approx. 100m apart.  A24s are installed at 50m intervals on these lines.  A24s need to be regassed and rebaited every six months.  We rely on volunteers to achieve this, we hold re-baiting days always followed by a BBQ.  


Chirp is a new digital monitoring system under development by Goodnature.   Contained within the lid of an A24, the Chirp unit records the time and date of each firing of the A24.  This information is stored in the unit and transferred by bluetooth to a volunteers smart phone when they approach the unit.  The information is automatically uploaded to the Goodnature Chirp App & website which records all Chirp results nationwide.

Currently OLCT is trialling 100 Chirp units.  Results to date look promising.

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